1.0 - Overview

Office & Production Services (OPS) – A comprehensive organization that oversees all of the production facilities, offices and support spaces at WBSO, which offers the following services:
  • Stage Rental
  • Filming Locations (Backlot or Non-Set)
  • Office Space Rental
      (* – Complimentary)
  • Air Conditioning / Electrical / Plumbing Support *
  • Appliance Maintenance *
  • Building Maintenance
  • Cable Management
  • Custodial Requests *
  • Furniture Relocation
  • Gardening *
  • Internet / Secure StudioNet Provisions *
  • Key Shop
  • Recycling Service
  • Telephone Setup
  • Water Cooler Account & Service Setup
  • Parking – Personnel or Production Equipment
  • Logistics, Coordination and Scheduling For All Production Activities

Primary Contacts:

John Smith

Vice President, Office & Production Services

Gabriel Anderson

Executive Director, Production Services

Arelys Rico-Acevedo

Executive Director, Office Services

Pam Marrow

Director, OPS Maintenance

Gary Waters

Director, Office & Production Services, Warner Bros. Ranch

Ian Corrigan

Senior Manager, Production Services

Robin Pledger

Sr. Building Manager, Office Services

Chris Owens

Director, Parking Services

1.1 - Sound Stage Chart

1.2 - Stage Check-In and Check-Out:

Prior to the first day of occupancy, Office & Production Services  will perform a stage inspection to ensure the stage floors (both on the surface and sub-floor), catwalks, on-stage support rooms, stage doors, lighting, and all other elements are suitable for production use.  Production will be invited to partake in a preliminary inspection to ensure and document our findings.

At the conclusion of the last workday, the stage must be returned to the condition in which it was received, unless exceptions have been agreed upon by Office & Production Services. The production will be invited on the post-occupancy inspection of all stage elements, with all necessary infrastructure repairs performed by WB Construction, Paint and/or Utilities, at production expense.

1.3 - General Stage Housekeeping

Please encourage your crew to practice the following stage housekeeping and maintenance:

  • Maintain a clear 4-foot perimeter, as indicated by yellow lines along the interior stage walls.
  • No storage under or attached to any set of stairs or grid, without prior approval from Burbank Fire.
  • No storage above vestibules without prior approval from Burbank Fire.
  • Keep all electrical and telephone panels clear for access.
  • Keep all stage door tracks clear of debris.
  • Keep all trap doors clear for access.
  • Maintain general clean-up of stages (interior and exterior) including clearance of packing materials, carpeting, trash, paint, materials, etc.

1.4 - Hot Lock & Stage Card Access Procedures

Prior to occupying a stage, Office & Production Services must be provided with the names and contact info of all personnel who are authorized to open your stage.  There are two different levels of access: Hot Lock List and Card Swipe Access.  Each show determines its access privileges for crew, but the most common version is for anyone who has authority to unlock the stage doors on behalf of their department, and/or to open the elephant doors, to have both forms of access, and for others who only need personal access (e.g. cast, creative producers, etc.) to have Card Swipe Access only.

Hot Lock Access

The Hot Lock List includes every member of the crew that is authorized to call WB Security to have the stage doors unlocked, and (just as critically) to have it locked after the last worker leaves each day/night. There is one Hot Lock List for each stage (which can be revised as often as needed, but must be a single master document in each version), which the production submits to Office & Production Services; that list is then uploaded to an internal document site visible to WB Security.  Once that list has been posted, any of the individuals on that list can have the stage opened by calling WB Security at 818-954-1248. The person calling for access must be verified on site, either through scanning a Client ID badge at the door or (if a Client ID badge has not been issued) to meet the patrol unit and show a form of photo ID. The same process applies at the end of each workday when the stage needs to be secured. A person on the Hot Lock List must call WB Security to have all doors locked and house lights turned off for the night.

Card Swipe Access

At the production’s discretion, any member of the crew who has been issued a client ID badge can be set up for card swipe access, allowing them to swipe their badge at the card reader and enter through the nearest pedestrian door without calling Security. The pedestrian door will open briefly (for around 10 seconds) and lock behind the person as they enter.

Examples of both access forms are on the following pages, and clean digital copies of each can be provided by Office & Production Services.

Whenever access privileges need to be removed – either for an individual on the crew that has left the production, or at the time of a production’s departure from stage – please notify OFFICE & PRODUCTION SERVICES immediately.

Temporary Access Memos

If you would like to give access to certain personnel on a limited basis (i.e. an early call time on a specific day) without allowing them long-term privileges to open the stage, Office & Production Services can also issue a temporary access memo to Security.  This will function the same as your Hot Lock List, but for a specific finite date and timeframe. Please contact your assigned Office & Production Services Manager for more details or call 818-954-6777.

Your cooperation with the above procedures is appreciated.

1.5 - Stage Specs

Download and Print Stage Specs PDF’s:

1.6 - Overhead Loading – Roof Trusses & Permanent Beams

  • Please contact Operations at 818-954-6777 and Safety & Environmental Affairs at 818-954-2890 to discuss any weight load questions or concerns.
  • Fall Protection is mandatory whenever working beyond the handrail in the “ozone”.
  • Engineering approval is required for any unusual load requirements on roof trusses or permanent beams.
  • Whenever possible, load at roof trusses directly.
  • Load only at nodes of truss DO NOT load at center.
  • Check the connection of permanent (6”X 8”) to truss prior to load application.
  • Loads at permanent beams perpendicular to trusses shall not exceed the following:
    • 500 lbs. for a single load
    • 300 lbs. for two loads (do not apply more than two loads).
  • DO NOT apply loads to the boards of walkway
  • DO NOT load single “Green Sticks” beyond 100 lbs.

1.7 - Permanent Construction Requests

Burbank City Municipal Code requires that Warner Bros. Studios apply for and receive a City of Burbank building permit for any structure constructed on a stage which is not a production set, such as lockup or storage areas, monitoring booth, etc.

If your production plans to build a permanent structure, you must contact Office & Production Services (818-954-6777) for clearance on the structure’s location and size.  Office & Production Services will schedule a review meeting with Construction Services and Burbank Fire Dept. to determine code and documentation requirements.

1.8 - Stage Lighting Guidelines

  • If production requires removal of any house lights or electrical fixtures on stage, the work must be approved by Office & Production Services and performed by WB Electrical Construction and charged to the production at the current studio rate per fixture.  Please contact them at 818-954-1700 to inquire.
  • A loss and/or damage fee of the current studio rate per fixture will be assessed to productions for any fixture damaged or lost due to unauthorized handling of on-stage electrical fixtures.

1.9 - Stage Dressing Rooms

All activities regarding dressing rooms, both within the stages or in one of the external “infill” buildings, are to be coordinated through Mitch McGill (Manager, Office & Production Services). He can be reached at 818-954-1677 or Mitch.McGill@warnerbros.com.

Furniture & Restoration Policies – All Dressing Rooms

Production may request additional or alternative furniture from WBSO, or bring in furniture from outside sources. All requests involving WB furniture (whether for initial setup, mid-production changes, or removal of existing furniture to be replaced from an outside source) must be reviewed by Office & Production Services, although requests involving on-stage office furniture will be transferred to Office & Production Services. Generally, one complementary initial furniture setup will be provided, and any subsequent additions/removals/rearranging will be at the production’s expense.

Condos, on-stage support rooms, and off-stage dressing rooms must be left in the condition received, including all furniture returned to original rooms and damage-free. If rooms are left in a different state from time of move-in, production will bear the expense to have the rooms reset and/or repaired.

Bldg. 120, Bldg. 121 & Bldg. 122 Dressing Rooms

The dressing rooms and hair/makeup rooms in these buildings are assigned to certain adjacent stages, but are otherwise available to any other production on an as-available short-term basis. Please inquire with Mitch McGill for availability and pricing.

The default access hours from the exterior doors of each building are as follows:

  • Building 120: Monday to Friday, 24 hours/day
  • Building 121: Monday to Friday, 5 am to 12 am
  • Building 122: Monday to Sunday, 5 am to 12 am

Any person who needs access outside of these hours can arrange for card swipe access via a card access request form submitted to Office & Production Services, just as described previously for stage access.

Each individual room in these buildings is accessible by a 4-digit key code. Please contact Mitch McGill for keypad instructions and codes, including requests to change codes or any access issues (such as internal battery failure). If Office & Production Services is unreachable, please try WB Security Dispatch (818-954-1248).

These off-stage dressing rooms and hair/makeup rooms are cleaned nightly by Warner Bros. Custodial staff, unless schedule adjustments are arranged between production and Office & Production Services. Warner Bros. Studios is not responsible for personal property left unattended in any of the stage condo’s and/or dressing rooms. Please direct the occupants of each room to properly secure all belongings.

Condo Buildings (Stages 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 24 and 25) and Bldg. 8 Support Rooms

Requests for cleaning or servicing the condos (including restocking of the on-stage restrooms), can be requested from a qualified craft service person or the WB Labor Department (818-954-2009), at the production’s expense.

1.10 - Production Guidelines - Exterior Sets


  • In the spirit of fairness to all productions, productions may request blanket holds for up to (3) backlot locations at a time, one episode at a time. Holds entered in this fashion do not require a financial commitment unless/until they are challenged by another production.
  • The episodic hold period includes the full shooting calendar for the episode, plus two weekdays in advance for possible prep, and one weekday after the final shoot day for possible strike.
  • Blanket holds can be requested up to 20 calendar days (weekends included) prior to the first day of that episodic hold period. Please note that holds will not be accepted if they are submitted earlier than 6 am on the 20th advance day, and should be submitted by email.
    • Example: If your episode shoots from Monday 7/15 thru Friday 7/19, your hold period for this episode would be Thursday 7/11 thru Monday 7/22, and the hold request can be submitted beginning at 6 am on June 12th (20 days prior to July 11th).
  • When sending holds by email, the request should be submitted by email to your assigned Office & Production Services Manager, their clerical associate, and Ian.Corrigan@warnerbros.com, Office & Production Services Sr. Manager. If you don’t know who your Office & Production Services Manager is, please visit the WBSO Production Reps page or contact your production office.

Purchasing A Location / “4-Out-Of-7 Rule”

Productions may reserve dates on the backlot outside of the 20-day hold period with a commitment to purchase the requested dates in the form of a PO or WA to Office & Production Services.  These purchases are non-refundable, even in the event of a schedule change.

In order to protect availability for the many sets that our long-term series have established on the backlot, there are often restrictions on purchase requests of more than four total weekdays (regardless of activity) on Midwest Street, French Street or New York Street, within any period of seven weekdays.  If the production’s work requires more than four days to complete, please contact Office & Production Services (818-954-6777) to discuss whether an exception can be made.

Challenge Procedures


If your production is not in 1st position hold for a location, you may challenge the 1st hold as soon as you are ready to commit to your schedule. By issuing a challenge, you are committing to purchasing the date(s) in question if the 1st position show releases, regardless of whether the dates are used. As with an advance purchase of an available date, challenge purchases must be accompanied by a PO or SWA.

Once Office & Production Services receives the challenge, we will contact the production in 1st position to begin the challenge process. The challenged production will have 24 hours to confirm whether they will book or release their holds. If Show A issues a challenge at 2pm and Show B receives the challenge at 3pm, Show B will have until 3pm the following business day to confirm its decision.


Once you receive a challenge for dates on which you have 1st hold, you will have 24 hours to decide whether to confirm or release the hold on those dates. If you choose to confirm the hold, you will be purchasing these location dates whether they are used or not, and you must provide a PO or SWA number upon confirmation of booking.


  • The 24 hour challenge window can only be initiated or concluded between 8:30 am and 6 pm on weekdays (excluding holidays).
  • Challenges are only issued to the production in 1st hold on a given location / date.
    • For example, if your production is in 2nd position on New York Street and there is a production in 3rd position that challenges the hold, you will not have an opportunity to respond to the challenge. If the production in 1st position releases the hold, the location will be awarded to the production that challenged the hold, regardless of the challenging production’s starting position.


The Warner Bros. backlot can be a very busy place as it is not uncommon for us to have multiple companies working in close proximity to one another, whether prepping, striking, or occasionally even shooting around each other’s red lights.  We try our best not to schedule two shooting companies on adjacent streets, but there are situations when it can’t be avoided.  If your challenge is successful, there may be a scenario in which you’re asked to cohabitate on the backlot with other shows.  In the event that we have two companies working on neighboring streets, we will schedule a meeting between representatives from both productions to coordinate the activity so that any potential inconvenience is minimized.

Additionally – we are held to a high standard by the City of Burbank, in terms of our impact on the neighborhoods outside the studio and on the environment at large.   This pertains both to external curfews for noise/light disruptions to the neighborhood (which must be contained before 7 am or after 10 pm on a given day) and to the flow of water or other substances into the storm drains.

To assist us with these efforts, please be sure to alert Office & Production Services as to any aspects of your production activity that may have impact beyond the perimeter of your filming location. 

Some examples are:

  • Audio playback
  • Gunfire or pyrotechnics
  • Special effects for weather (such as rain or snow) or any other application that creates water runoff
  • Loud picture vehicles
  • Use of large cranes or elevated lighting rigs

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (a.k.a. “Drones”)

As a result of our proximity to Burbank Airport, Warner Bros. Studios (including the Main Lot and Ranch) falls within controlled airspace that is governed by FAA regulations.  Any requested use of unmanned aircraft systems – for any purpose – must be submitted to Office & Production Services five business days prior to anticipated day of flight; we will coordinate with WB Safety to determine whether the request can be granted.

1.11 - Notification Policy For Surrounding Neighborhoods

(Main Lot And Ranch)

When planning a production or special event on WBSO property, please follow the guidelines below:

When to Notify

Affected neighbors must be notified of an event (e.g., production, premiere party, etc.) scheduled between the hours of 7:00AM and 10:00PM if it meets either of the following criteria:

  1. It will be loud enough to be heard by the adjacent homeowners or businesses (e.g., special effects, stunts, gunfire, Ritter fans, condors, fireworks, music, etc.)
  2. It will utilize lights or other visual elements (e.g. fire, smoke, etc.) in such a manner that neighbors will be directly affected.

No such activities can occur until after 7:00am and must end by 10:00pm, in accordance with the Burbank City Ordinance.  Although filming and other activities can continue outside these time limits, any sound and visual elements that affect neighbors must be modified to prohibit disruption.

How to Notify

When possible, notification shall be given a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the event.  Notice must be made in writing (on appropriate letterhead) and mailed or hand-delivered to all affected addresses.  Follow these guidelines in determining who is responsible for sending out the notice:

Type of EventLetterheadResponsibility of Notice
WB filming activity Production CompanyProduction Company or Community Affairs
Non-WB filming activityProduction Company or Warner Bros.Production Company, Office & Production Services, or Community Affairs
WB sponsored eventsSponsoring Organization or Warner Bros. Office & Production Services, Special Events, Community Affairs, or sponsoring department
Non-WB sponsored eventsSponsoring Organization or Warner Bros.Office & Production Services, Special Events, or Community Affairs

Who to Notify

Community Affairs (818-954-6099) can provide you with a sample letter and a set of labels that include all of the affected neighbors to be notified depending on the location and scope of the event.  A copy of the final letter needs to be faxed to Public Affairs 818-954-2409, WBSO Office & Production Services 818-954-4467, and when special effects are involved, the Burbank Fire Department Capt. Please copy your assigned OPS manager on all correspondence.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call Community Affairs at extension 818-954-6099.

1.12 - Daily Call Sheets

Production Schedules | Staff & Crew Lists

Daily Call Sheets (and any auxiliary information), Season Production Schedules and Staff & Crew Lists should be provided to Office & Production Services by email: wbsocallcenter@warnerbros.com.

All Call Sheets sent to OPS should include Studio Work Authorization (SWA) or Purchase Order (PO) number listed on the document. That SWA or PO number covers required labor and equipment as detailed on the Call Sheet for the designated day’s shooting.  OPS will post the call sheets to the Warner Bros. Studio Operations website, which is a secure internal database to share info with designated WBSO and production personnel.

All Staff & Crew Lists should include the attached directory for WBSO departments.  Please reach out to Gabriel.Anderson@warnerbros.com and Arelys.Rico-Acevedo@warnerbros.com if you are unsure as to your designated OPS representatives.

1.13 - Radio Frequency Equipment - WBSO Production Sound & Video

The increased use of radio frequency equipment (including, but not limited to: walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, cue aids, video transmitters, et. al.) has made it necessary for Warner Bros. Studios to establish a frequency review process, to prevent/minimize interference among shooting companies.

Prior to shooting, Warner Bros. Production Sound and Video Services must review a list of all RF channels in use by production equipment – including any equipment used for B-roll, publicity, or any other supplementary work taking place on set – to advise on possible interference.  Please contact the following:


WBSO cannot ensure that equipment obtained from a source other than WBSO will be free from interference, but we can often identify the conflicts in advance to help avoid any disruption.

Please note:

  • All WBSO Parent/Partner Companies are required to utilize WBSO RF equipment obtained through the Production Sound and Video services Department.
  • All radio frequency equipment must be operated in accordance with FCC rules and regulations.

All radio frequency communications equipment requiring licensed operation will be so licensed.

1.14 - Camera Policy & Press/Publicity Access Procedures

All persons working at or visiting Warner Bros. Studios must adhere to the following rules and regulations regarding cameras (still or video) and all audio recording equipment.  Still cameras, video cameras and other forms of recording equipment may be used on the Main Lot and Ranch for the following purposes:

  • Production (film, television, commercials, music videos, still shoots, etc.): Cameras used for production are cleared by Warner Bros. Office & Production Services department.
  • Press: Print and broadcast press from local and national news outlets, entertainment magazines and professional photographers may use cameras on the lot only if authorized by a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company publicist AND Warner Bros. Office & Production Services department.
  • Tours: Guests of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood may use still cameras in designated areas on the lot (exterior sets when not containing sensitive or confidential material, and in and around the tour exhibits), under the supervision their tour guide.
  • Special Events: Cameras and recording equipment may be used in conjunction with special events held on the lot if prior arrangements have been made with WBSO’s Special Events department and/or Corporate Communications.

Every guest pass states, “Photography or any form of image capturing (e.g. film, video, digital, etc.) on Studio’s premises without the prior written authorization of the Studio is strictly prohibited.”

Employees and their guests are discouraged from bringing personal cameras (still or video) on the lot.  Any photos taken must be for the employee’s personal use only.  The privacy of all individuals working on the lot in any capacity should always be respected; therefore, photos may not be taken of any individual without their prior consent.  Photography on a working set is strictly prohibited by anyone other than approved personnel of that production.

Please contact your Office & Production Services Manager for further questions regarding camera access.


To obtain authorized press credentials, Warner Bros. Entertainment Company publicists must submit the following information to the WB Office & Production Services department with as much advance notice as possible (preferably at least 24 hours). 

  • Purpose of shoot
  • Name of production/company
  • Date(s) of the visit
  • Time of arrival and departure
  • Each crew member’s first and last name as it appears on his/her/their valid, government-issued photo I.D.
  • Name of main contact person on the crew and his/her/their cell phone number
  • Detailed equipment list
  • Destination (specific stage/back lot/ building)
  • Number of vehicles and specific parking space(s)
  • The name, department and office or cell phone number of the designated Warner Bros. escort, plus the names of two alternate escorts, in case the designated person cannot meet the crew
  • A certificate of insurance (COI) or a signed Hold Harmless Agreement (please defer to Office & Production Services for guidance)

A Warner Bros. Entertainment Company escort/publicist must accompany all press/crews/photographers while they are on the lot.  Press covering television or film productions are strictly limited to the area defined by the working sets, unless prior arrangements have been made with Office & Production Services  to film elsewhere. 

Once a shoot has been approved by Office & Production Services, the publicist or Warner Bros. escort should submit a pass request list to WB Security.  For any crew members carrying equipment, note that the drive-on is a CAMERA PASS and include the escort’s name and cell phone number in the note section of the pass.  If gate officers have questions regarding access or escorts, they should first call the publicist who requested the pass.

As with any vehicle entering the lot, all press/photographer crew vehicles are subject to inspection at Gate 9.  Crews must report to Gate 9 for inspection and pass distribution, and will be held there until a publicity escort has arrived to meet them at the appropriate gate (which will be Gate 7 unless there is a specific exception made in advance).  Publicists should allow at least 30 minutes for press crews to go through security and arrive at their destination.

  • If the escort/publicist is not waiting or if there are any problems with credentials, the gate officers will contact the escort and/or backup contacts listed on the memo from WB Office & Production Services.

If press access is needed on very short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, publicists should call the WBSO Security Watch Commander at 818-954-4838.  PLEASE NOTE: in most cases, short-notice approval for press and camera crews will not be granted.  Please plan ahead to whatever degree possible.

Please fill out the below clearance form and insurance certificate and send to Justin.Delaney@warnerbros.com.


If you have further questions, please contact:

Warner Bros. Office & Production Services:

Justin Delaney (Supervisor – main point of contact for publicity inquiries)


Ian Corrigan (Sr. Manager)


John Smith (Vice President)


Warner Bros. Corporate Communications:

Maria Gardner (Director)


Jessica Zacholl (Director)


Warner Bros. Global Security

Rick Warmack (SVP)

  • Office: 818-954-1330

1.15 - Production Guidelines – Water Sets

LocationSizeCapacity (in gals.)Fill / Drain TimeTypical Discharge Location
WATER TANK STAGE 16** Lower Tank: 100 ft. long by 90 ft. wide, 20 ft. deep
Upper Tank: 193 ft. long by 116’ 6” wide, 5’ 7” deep.
Ramp entrance at east end of stage
Lower Tank 1,350,000 gals
Upper Tank: 940,000 gals.
Total Tank: 2,290,000 gals.
Lower Tank
Fill: 8hrs, Drain: 12hrs.
Upper Tank:
Fill: 5hrs, Drain: 8hrs.
Total Tank:
Fill: 13hrs, Drain: 20 hrs.
By special arrangement with City of Burbank*
LAGOON JUNGLE* Asphalt structure

Pond floor: 343 lineal feet, 8,940 sq.ft. surface

42° average wall incline 4’ average depth Total surface area; 11,050 sq.ft.
269,280 gals.Fill: 8 hrs.
Drain: 12 hrs.
Draining can only occur between 7 pm and 7 am on any given evening.
Sanitary Sewer
Area: 51 ft. 6 in. x 37 ft. Depth: 9 ft.-deep end; 3 ft. 6 in. shallow end. Under water ports (3’ wide x 2’ high) on south, west and north sides.87,500 gals.Fill: 9 hrs. Drain: 10 hrs.Sanitary Sewer

* ContactOffice & Production Services for information regarding Chemicals, Heating, Filtering, and E.P.A Testing.
* Provided with a heater/filter system
** Portable heater/filter equipment available through WB Plumbing.

Warner Bros. Studios Burbank has several locations designed for use in water filming sequences. These locations include:

  • Stage 16 Tank
  • Jungle Lagoon
  • Ranch Swimming Pool
  • Other, temporary water sets constructed by the Production Company

Any set involving significant use of water – whether an existing water tank, pool, or lagoon, or a set custom built by the production, at any location on the Studio premises – requires a preliminary coordination meeting with Office & Production Services  , Plumbing and Safety & Environmental Affairs, to discuss how, when and where that water can be discharged. Please contact Office & Production Services to arrange for this meeting.


Water from filming sets can be discharged into the sanitary sewer or removed via pumping trucks.  No production water can enter the exterior storm drains at any time, or for any reason.

Warner Bros. Office & Production Services, Safety & Environmental Affairs (S&EA) and Plumbing are here to guide your production company step-by-step through the process of proper water discharge and keep Warner Bros. Studios and every production company in compliance with applicable regulations.  Although the Studio wants your production company to have as much artistic license as possible, it is vitally important that all companies be aware of the effect that compliance with the regulations may have on production, both in terms of cost and potential time delays.  The disposal of water used in these types of sets can require substantial time and expense to ensure they are handled in accordance with the regulations, and violations can result in significant regulatory fines.


The sanitary sewer is the primary location for discarding filming water at Warner Bros.  In Burbank, each discharge to the sanitary sewer must be approved by the City on a case-by-case basis.  Prior to discharge, Burbank may require that the water be sampled. If sampling is required, water cannot be discharged until the sampling results are completed, generally after 2 days. Once the water meets City limits, it can then be expelled. Because the City of Burbank treatment plant is not designed to treat non-sewage water (e.g., filming water), there are strict requirements on the types of non-sewage water that can be discharged, and time limitations on when water can be discharged (generally 7PM – 7AM). 


If the water is not excessively contaminated, a quicker but more expensive option would be to have the water taken out by pump trucks. These trucks can generally only transport approximately 7,000 gallons per load.  Disposal costs can range between $0.50 to $1.00/gallon. The water is taken off-site and recycled or reclaimed at a certified facility.


Please be aware that there may be time delays if rapid water discharge is required.  For example, a production may need to empty a tank quickly (i.e., overnight or over a weekend) to make repairs or adjustments to the water set. Although we have a good working relationship with the City of Burbank, Warner Bros. Studios must receive permission for every discharge to the sewer.  Even if permission to discharge is granted, there may be rate and time limitations that could slow the discharge process.


The Ranch swimming pool, Jungle Lagoon, and other sets with bodies of water that have been entered by cast and/or crew are chlorinated, which requires the additional measure of reducing chlorination in order to discharge. The City of Burbank can issue a permit to drain the pool, with permits obtained by Warner Bros. Plumbing. Please contact Office & Production Services (818-954-6777) to coordinate this request.

Suggestions to Minimize Exceeding Discharge Limits

Following are some recommendations to reduce the potential of exceeding the acceptable limits and further delaying your water discharge:

  • When building a water set, it is highly recommended that the production company hire a water quality consultant to design and maintain a filtration system to keep the water clean and up to water quality standards, especially if any personnel will be entering the water. You are welcome to call Safety & Environmental Affairs for suggestions.
    • If you choose this route, please ensure that the water quality consultant can integrate a wide range of filtering media, as standard pool filters only remove particulate matter. The capability to filter out other contaminants like oil and other organics can be advantageous if the levels of these contaminants exceed the discharge limit.
  • When using the Stage 16 water tank, it should be anticipated that a large water storage tank may be required that can be used for filter backwash operations. Pool filtration systems should be plumbed to this tank and held there until water sampling results indicate that the water can be discharged.
  • Dyes cannot be discharged to the sanitary sewer. If dyes are used, they must be the type that can be chemically or mechanically removed prior to discharge WB Plumbing and Safety & Environmental can advise on these applications.
  • Ensure that the tank/pool is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed prior to being filled, and that the water used to fill the tank- as well as all props and/or equipment entering the water – are also clean. To the degree possible, please test the items that will enter the water in advance.
    • Metal equipment should be painted using water insoluble paint to prevent rust from developing and clouding the water.
  • Locate any hydraulic pressure hoses and especially their connection points out of, and away from, the water and storm drain Keep a spill kit ready in case of a leak or rupture.

1.16 - Office Guidelines

Initial Setup

Prior to occupancy, an Office & Production Services  Building Manager will schedule a walk-through with your office supervisors (UPM, Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator, et. al.) to discuss your needs for furniture, telecom, and any potential modifications to the space. We will present the amenities that are both complimentary and available for additional cost, and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. All requests to modify your office space, or any WBSO property, must be approved by your Building Manager.

1.17 - Furniture

Production may request additional or alternative furniture from Office & Production Services  or bring in furniture from outside sources.  Generally, one complementary initial furniture setup will be provided, and any subsequent additions/removals/rearranging will be at the production’s expense.  All requests involving WB-owned furniture (whether for initial setup, mid-production changes, or removal of existing furniture to be replaced from an outside source) must be handled by Office & Production Services furniture movers.  Please contact your Building Manager for pricing and scheduling (note: requires advance notice of at least three business days).
WALLS Any items that need to be hung on / removed from the walls (including, but not limited to: artwork, Celotex, dry erase boards, hooks, etc.) must be addressed by Office & Production Services carpenters.

1.18 - Phones / Wi-Fi / StudioNet


VoIP desk phones can be provided at any office station – whether on offices or stage support rooms – which has an accessible data port.   The costs per phone are $70 per installation (one-time fee) and $35 per month for rental, plus applicable usage charges.  Users can designate each phone service for on-lot extensions only, domestic, or long-distance.


Warner Bros. Studios is proud to offer complimentary Internet access throughout the facility.

  • Hardline network service is available at any office station with an accessible data port. Additional data ports can be added, at an additional cost – please inquire with Office & Production Services for details.
  • Wi-Fi service is available at all points on Studio property through the WB-Guest network (the password for which is printed on all daily access passes issued at the gates). Please note that authentication through a web browser will be necessary each time one logs on to this network.
  • Productions working at Warner Bros. for two weeks or longer have the option of setting up a private StudioNet network, which allows for each organization to have a private isolated network, available by wired or wireless access throughout the Studio. Please see the flyer on the next page for further information.

StudioNet Services

Warner Bros. Office & Production Services (WBSO) offers productions and individuals a private, isolated network with high speed internet access. Available to all productions working at Warner Bros. Studios for two weeks or longer

What is StudioNet?

  • A private, isolated network with internet access
  • Service can include wired and wireless access
  • Available across multiple stages or buildings on the Main Lot and/or Ranch facilities, wherever wired or wireless WB network access currently exists
  • Allows you to send and receive files/videos/etc. with anyone on your network
  • Your assigned block of public internet addresses can be mapped to any of your devices


How do I request a private network?

  • Private network setup in offices can be directed to your Office & Production Services Building Manager. If you are only working on stages or exterior sets, please contact your Office & Production Services Manager.
  • Identify the building, room numbers, and specific ports where service is needed
  • Identify the type of network access required: wired or wireless
  • Provide the desired start and end dates for service
  • Identify a technical contact for setup requirements
  • Confirm that all devices, including laptops and mobile devices, are up to date with the latest operating system updates and patches
  • StudioNet Requests are typically available within 5 business days for locations with existing wired and wireless access. For locations with no existing network access or locations that require additional network coverage, a minimum of 10 business days is required


Are there private network restrictions?

  • There is no direct access to any other networks at the Studio including Warner Bros. (WB) intranet sites and services
  • You will not have control of the WB network infrastructure including switches, access points, firewalls or other WB owned or managed network equipment
  • You may not attach your own network equipment (wired or wireless) to the private network without pre-approval from WBSO Office & Production Services 
  • Each StudioNet is limited to a maximum of 500 devices. Please contact your WBSO Office & Production Services  representative if you believe your production with reach this limit


Questions or problems after the service is installed, including cancelation at the end of a job?

  • For any issues, please contact your Office & Production Services Managers or the OPS Call Center (818-954-6777).

1.19 - Custodial Service

Basic office cleanings are provided by Warner Bros. Custodial every evening, at no additional cost.  Please contact your Building Manager for any special cleaning or scheduling requests.

1.20 - Signage/Exterior Display

Any signage or decoration posted outside of your office, or affixed permanently within your space, must be approved by your Building Manager.

1.21 - Conference Room Bookings

Office & Production Services maintains a number of conference rooms around the lot that are available for both corporate and production use. Here’s a list of rooms OPS can assist with booking:

*Denotes Cisco Telepresence system available. For technical support, please contact Post Sound at 818-954-2220. 

To book a conference room on the main lot, please email opsclientservices@warnerbros.com or call 818-954-6777 with the following information:

  • Meeting Title
  • Contact Name
  • Phone # & Email Address
  • Any specifics on how to arrange the room
  • Any additional details


Please note the following when considering booking a conference room:

  • Each client group (e.g. production or corporate department) can book up to 8 hours of time per week across all conference rooms, each up to 30 days in advance.  Additional conference room time can be booked one day in advance, as available.
  • On-lot conference rooms are reserved for employees of the company or production crew. OPS is not responsible for arranging lot passes or parking for meetings. Your production office will need to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Any furniture move requests are chargeable to the client. Please discuss your requests in detail with the OPS staff assisting you.
  • When booking a conference room, please notify OPS whether food service is involved in the meeting, and if so, please specify whether your plan is to bring food which has already been prepared (either hot food or individual snacks), or whether you are looking to have a catering setup with on-site food prep, chafing dishes, heaters, etc.
    • In both cases, a custodial cleaning fee of $75 will apply.
    • Please refer to the Main Lot Delivery Zone Map for available parking while delivering prepared food.
    • If you require catering or on-site hot food service, we will have your OPS manager contact you to discuss the details.  Most conference rooms are not well-equipped to support this kind of service, so an alternate location may need to be chosen.

1.22 - Key Shop

Office & Production Services processes all Key Shop requests for the Main Lot or Ranch buildings.  Please contact the Call Center 818-954-6777 to discuss any key requests.

OPS will provide the production with two complete sets of keys to each room in the production’s office space or stage condo complex. The following guidelines apply throughout the rental period:

  • All requests for additional keys must be made using the key request form, and at the expense to the production, at the rates listed below. The production is not allowed to order duplicate keys directly from WB Key Shop and is expressly prohibited from obtaining duplicate keys from any source outside of Warner Bros.  Should the existence of non-WB manufactured keys be discovered, the production will be charged to re-key all applicable locks.
  • If a key is lost, the condo door must be re-keyed and new keys issued at the production’s expense. If a key is suspected stolen, the production must file a report with WB Studio Security, with a copy forwarded to OPS, who will issue a work order for re-keying of the lock and issuance of new keys, at production’s expense.
  • For necessary repairs to locks or keys as a result of normal usage/wear and tear, a request must be sent to OPS. All costs related to such work will be covered by OPS and will not be charged to the production.
  • Any additional entry locks are not permitted to be installed on the stage condo doors without prior authorization from OPS. Padlocks & hasps are authorized, but if access is deemed necessary by OPS, Security or WB/Burbank Fire, the lock will be cut without reimbursement to production.
  • No stage master keys are ever issued to productions.

Currently, the following basic rates for WB Key Shop services apply:

Key Rates$8.50 per key
Service Call FeesBegin at a flat rate of $96. Additional work is figured at straight or premium time accordingly.
Rekeying$83 per lock.
PadlocksPrices range from $15 to $100 dollars.

At the end of the production’s stage occupancy, a complete set of original keys and authorized duplicates must be returned to Office & Production Services immediately. Any unreturned keys will result in a re-keying of the lock and will be charged to the production at then-current WB rates.

1.23 - Parking Services

Production Parking

Production parking will be arranged by OPS Parking Services, based on the location and volume of your production’s shooting locations and offices.  Aside from cast, executives or crew who you wish to assign to one of your on-lot parking spaces, all office staff will be assigned to Lot A (on-lot structure near Gate 7) and all production crew will be assigned to Gate 8 (off-lot structure across from Gate 7 on Forest Lawn Drive).

Additional parking assignments may include:

  • Assigned office parking spaces – varies by location
  • Assigned stage parking spaces – 15 spaces per stage
  • Base camp location:
    In addition to the costs outlined in your Studio Lease Agreement or Facilities Agreement, valet displacement costs may apply based on your footprint
  • Assigned rental parking spaces in Gate 3 or Gate 7 structures*
  • Assigned rental parking around stages or base camp lots*
  • Assigned long-term rental space for heavy equipment (“truck bays”) at Main Lot or Ranch*

* Available to long-term production clients on a first-come, first-served basis; limited supply.

  • Gate 8 (Forest Lawn Structure) - Parking and Pass Procedures
    Unless specified otherwise, this is the designated structure for all production crew during the workweek. The structure opens at 4 am daily (Monday-Friday), with the Visitor Center staffed at 4:30 am on those same dates; both the structure entrances and Visitor Center close at 9 pm. For any production crew needing to enter the structure to retrieve a vehicle outside of these hours, there is a callbox located at the sidewalk entrance on Forest Lawn Dr. The line will ring to Security Dispatch, who will ask the caller to show a client ID badge or daily pass to receive access.
  • Gate 3 (Olive Ave. Structure) - Parking and Pass Procedures
    Aside from weekends or early-morning weekday arrivals, Gate 3 Franklin Structure parking is only allowed with a Gate 3 parking decal or an off-lot parking pass for Gate 3 in the gate pass system.  Despite its visible proximity to the stages, parking in Gate 3 is rarely assigned to production personnel on weekdays, as it is filled 200+ spaces beyond capacity with incumbent tenants and audiences on a daily basis.  Due to the volume of stacked valet parking, it often takes less time for crew to walk to Gate 8 (even starting from the stages nearest to Gate 2) and drive out of the structure, then to cross Olive Ave. and wait for Gate 3 congestion to subside.
      • Early Arrivals (Monday through Friday) & weekends
      Persons arriving prior to 4:30 am (M-F) or on weekends, and who have an off-lot or walk-on pass in the gate pass system, will be allowed to park in the Gate 3 Franklin Structure. The Gate Officer will create a temporary pass for the vehicle on-demand. However, upon exiting the Gate 3 Parking Structure (at any point that day) that temporary pass will not be honored for re-entry to the Gate 3 Franklin Structure on that day.

Other Parking Areas

  • Visitor Parking: Available near most gates.
    • Each production receives a daily limit of 6 on-lot visitor passes per day, so all pass requests for visitor parking should be consolidated and reserved for legitimate business purposes.
    • With the exception of Lot A, all visitor parking areas have a time limit of 4 hours.
    • Visitor parking cannot be reserved in advance, unless Office & Production Services approves the space for production equipment (e.g. truck parking at Gate 7 visitor spaces for nearby shooting activity).
    • When visitor parking is full, visitors will be redirected to either Gate 3 (Franklin Structure) or Gate 8 (Forest Lawn).
    • Designated visitor parking may not be used by employees at any time, including after hours and weekends.
  • Fitness Center Parking: Permitted at Gate 3 Franklin Structure, for off-lot Warner Bros. employees only.  Parking in any other area, without a valid decal or daily/extended vehicle parking pass for an assigned lot and space, will result in a citation and/or tow-away at the owner’s expense.  Fitness Center members leaving the gym after dusk may request a WBSO Security escort by calling Dispatch (818-954-1248).
    • Only individuals actively employed at Warner Bros. are permitted to access the Studio and use the Fitness Center.  Cast members and 200-day club employees may utilize the Fitness Center only when they are working on-lot, regardless of the length the gym membership was purchased.
  • Delivery Parking: All vehicles making deliveries are eligible for delivery zone parking on a first-come, first-served basis, with a 15-minute limit, provided that the vehicle is not left unattended at any time. Delivery zones are not to be used for any other vehicles or equipment, or for any other purpose, without advance approval from Office & Production Services.
  • Accessible Parking: Available in every parking structure and flat lot, as well as in various other parking clusters adjacent to offices.  These can be used on a first-come, first-served basis for any employee and/or guest with a valid client ID badge or parking pass; an accessible placard or license plate must be visible.
    • Accessible parking usage will be strictly enforced.  Citations can be issued by Burbank Police Department on all accessible/disabled and fire lane parking violations.  Unauthorized parking in an accessible space is a municipal violation, even on private property.

1.24 - Warner Bros. Labor Dept.

We strongly encourage all productions to contact Warner Bros. Labor at the beginning of production activity, to discuss guidelines for disposal of trash or any other refuse, an explanation of costs and a schedule for delivery/refreshments of trash receptacles.  You may discuss your needs with Timothy Castagnola (Foreperson of WB Labor) at 818-954-2009 or timothy.castagnola@warnerbros.com.

The basic rates for trash receptacles are as follows:

  • 3-yard hoppers: $100 per load
  • 10-yard hoppers: $500 per load, up to 4 tons
  • 40-yard hoppers: $550 per load, up to 4 tons


Note: Disposal of heavy items (e.g. metal, gravel/DG, liquid) or hazardous materials will incur additional costs.

1.25 - Recycling Guidelines / Social Vocational Services

Warner Bros. has a deep commitment to waste reduction, recycling and environmental stewardship. Our long-term success is due to the participation of everyone who works on our lot and on our stages.

Thanks to our productions and office tenants, we recycle more materials than we send to landfill each year. Our goal is continual improvement and we need your participation to maximize recycling and natural resource conservation.


Please designate a crew member (e.g. Crafts Service, stage PA, etc.) as your lead in stage recycling.
As of 2018, we have partnered with Social Vocational Services, or SVS to help us collect recyclable materials on our stages. SVS is a nonprofit organization that connects individuals with intellectual disabilities to employers in the community.

SVS hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am-2pm. Three SVS workers and one on-site supervisor will service your compost and recycling by emptying and wiping down the bins, then replacing appropriate bags (i.e. green compostable bags for compost bins and clear plastic bags for recycling toters.) SVS will also pick up flattened cardboard placed place next to the three-yard bins outside stages. Acting as a team, they work their way across the lot transporting compost and recyclables to River Road for removal by our haulers.


Please separate materials into appropriate bins, as outlined below. SVS will provide a green “brute” container with lid and wheels for collecting organic food waste and compostable products. You will also receive two blue “toters”, one for paper and another for cans & bottles. If it is necessary for your production to empty compost or recycling bins on your own (for example, on Tuesdays or Thursdays when SVS service is not scheduled), you may deposit bagged materials into the brown tilt-hopper. Then, replace the appropriate bag in your bins (i.e. green compostable bag for compost and clear plastic bags for recycling – both available for purchase at the Paint Plus store), so that SVS can resume service accordingly.

Warner Bros. Labor will continue to empty the brown tilt-hopper, which should mainly contain construction waste or trash – not food.

  • Food Waste – Collect food waste in green bins lined with a green bag, then tie off and take to your assigned Compost Station; do not put food waste in a stage tilt hopper. Separating wet food waste prevents contamination of other recyclables and is key to our waste reduction strategy.
  • Dry, Mixed Waste – Bag all recyclables and place in your stage tilt hopper so our hauler can sort offsite for maximum recovery.
  • Cans & Bottles – Collect in blue “Cans & Bottles” bins lined with a clear bag then tie off and place bagged materials in your stage tilt hopper.
  • Paper – Collect in blue “Paper” bins lined with a clear bag then tie off and place bagged materials in your stage tilt hopper.
  • Cardboard – Break down cardboard boxes and place inside your stage tilt hopper.
  • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Materials – Place in your stage tilt hopper.
To order a roll off for large strikes, call the Labor Department at (818) 954-2009.
  • Trash – Bag and tie off any trash and place inside your stage tilt hopper.
  • Metal – Scrap metal can be taken to the “Metal” recycling roll off on River Road.
  • Electronic Waste – Take to Hazardous Waste Cage on River Road. (B-78).
  • Batteries – Collect in five-gallon buckets and mark “Battery Recycling.” Take to Hazardous Waste Cage on River Road. (B-78)
  • Flooring – Large pieces of usable carpet and linoleum can be donated free of charge to Habitat for Humanity through the Studio’s Encore material donation program. To schedule pick up call (818) 954-5209.
OFFICES: Please designate a crew member (i.e. Production Coordinator) as your lead in office recycling.
  • Confidential Documents – Call the Records Management Department at (818) 954-3105 to order a locked Iron Mountain bin for confidential document shredding and recycling.
  • Cans & Bottles – Place in blue “Cans & Bottles” bins which can be found in pantries and conference rooms.
  • Paper – Empty your desk side paper bins into your copy room’s blue “Paper” bins.
  • Cardboard – Flatten and set next to your copy room’s blue “Paper” bins.
  • Toner Cartridges – Place in a box, mark “Recycle” and place in copy rooms for pick up.
  • Media – Collect CDs, DVDs, tapes and film in a box, mark “Recycle” and call (818) 954-6777.
    • Batteries – Place in “Battery” recycling bins which can be found in copy rooms.
  • Electronic Waste – Take to Hazardous Waste Cage on River Road.

Materials are picked up regularly. To request special pick up, contact Office Services
at (818) 954-6777.

Thank you for partnering with Warner Bros. and SVS to compost, recycle and reduce waste sent to landfill. Together, we can create a more sustainable production environment.

Office Waste / Confidential Document Recycling (Shredding)
WBSO Office & Production Services 
818) 954-6777
Stage Waste
Timothy Castagnola, WBSO Labor Department
(818) 954-2009
Green Bags / Clear Bags / Trash Bags
WBSO Paint Department
(818) 954-1665
Hazardous / Electronic Waste (work related)
Brent Gale, Manager of Safety
(818) 954-3380
Green Production Practices / Encore Material Donations (Reuse)
Mike Slavich, Director of Sustainability
(818) 954-2722

1.26 - Smoking Policy

Smoking poses a risk to the health of the smoker and may also be unhealthful to non-smokers in the work environment. Moreover, the effects of smoking can damage sensitive technological equipment and can be a safety hazard.

As required by applicable state law, the Smoking in the Workplace Policy applies to and prohibits smoking in all enclosed areas located on the Warner Bros. Studio Lot and in all California-based off-lot offices and work areas. Similar restrictions apply in our other domestic offices. Smoking is allowed in designated outside smoking areas.

Definition of Smoking

For purposes of this policy, “smoking” is defined to include 1) any tobacco product including but not limited to, the inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying of a lighted or heated tobacco or plant product, whether natural or synthetic, in any manner or in any form such as a pipe, cigar or cigarette of any kind; and 2) the use of an electronic smoking device that creates an aerosol or vapor, in any manner or in any form, such as an electronic cigarette, cigar, pipe or hookah.

Smoking In Prohibited Areas

Smoking is prohibited in the following outside areas:

  • Within 20 feet of a building entrance
  • Within 20 feet of any backlot set
  • Within 20 feet of a designated COVID break area
  • The backlot “Jungle” set area
  • While riding a bicycle or in a moving electric cart

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas such as (but not limited to):

  • Offices
  • Sound Stages, including the “perms” and “catwalks” (unless required creatively in an on-camera production scene)
  • Backlot Interior Sets, including the “catwalks” (unless required creatively in an on-camera production scene)
  • Common or Private Work Areas
  • Dining Facilities (including any food lines associated with them)
  • Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • Rest Rooms
  • Elevators
  • Photocopy and Storage Rooms
  • File Rooms
  • Corridors and Hallways
  • Stairwells
  • Medical Facilities
  • Lobbies and Reception Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Vaults
  • Archive Facilities
  • Screening Rooms
  • Enclosed Parking Structures
  • Company-owned/operated vehicles driven or occupied by employees
  • Company Retail Facilities

All employees, vendors and visitors must comply with this policy.


Questions or issues that arise in connection with the application or enforcement of this policy should be brought to the attention of Human Resources. The Company may take disciplinary action against those persons violating the provisions of this policy, including, but not limited to, those persons violating the “no retaliation” provisions.

No Retaliation:

There shall be no retaliation or threats of retaliation in any form or manner against those persons seeking to enforce this policy.